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Glenn's Mission

Empowering the youth of today to realize their full potential, Glenn Lewis strives to inspire, uplift, and transform lives through sharing his journey from the Southside of Chicago to success as a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and author. With passion and authenticity, Glenn ignites a spark in youth nationwide to dream big, embrace resilience, and create their own paths to success.

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  • Adversity

  • Setting Principles

  • Culture

  • Social Consciousness

  • Dream Big



Glenn Lewis’s book has profound impact in terms of personal growth and building resilience. His honest reflections about overcoming adversity through faith and support provide valuable guidance and direction, and it serves as a powerful tool for ANYONE seeking to break free from societal pressure to achieve their aspirations. Glenn is a true representation of  achieving success while upholding your values and is a much-needed role model for today’s youth. 

Breanna Tillman, Nashville Mayor’s Office of Community Safety 

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